Willy Caïd (Toulon)




bLUE – adj. (America) – Relating to Blues, to Soul.

gRIOT – n.m. (Africa) – Nomadic poet, traveling musician.

Willy CAID’s music, nicknamed wILL tHE bLUE gRIOT, draws his inspiration from bBack, African, Afro-American music and his Malagasy origins; from Michael Jackson to Bob Marley, from Otis Redding to the Fugees, he launches an invitation to travel through a mix of pop, soul and AfroBlues.


** NEW ** Got Me Home 


wILL tHE bLUE gRIOT : Guitar/Voice

Sébastien Markezana : Bass/Contrebass

Sébastien Lhermitte : Percussions

Pierre Sibille : Keyboard/Harmonica

Yassine Zaïdi : Drums

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