This is Dope !

Bandeau this is dopebandeau de séparation 900/71


Documentary about HIP HOP History –  A day in the Bronx with the Geckos Brothers, Stix Bones and Razhel Jr... ENJOY!

This documentary invites you to discover the origins of the Hip-Hop movement, born in the 70s, alongside the Geckos Brothers, the Stikx Bones and Razhel Jr. during a day in the Bronx, this culture’s Mecca.  Since then, street life stereotypes have gained ground, tarnishing its image and polluting Hip-Hop with violence, fantasies and easy money.  In what the rappers are concerned, they lead the fight by defending the values of “Unity, Peace, and Have Fun” in their socially conscious lyrics.   As for Stikx, a beat maker and producer, he preaches the good word so that Hip Hop become once more a genre about sharing and community…

bandeau de séparation 900/71Natty Brothers 2014 – Julien Baret & Pascal Nazzaro