Tee Two Mariani

TeeTwo_Directions_radioDirections : At a time when the musical lanscape is becoming formatted and uniform, he attempts to come to terms with a larger vision of the dance culture of the beginnings, when  the music was legitimate… XXXXL in what concerns his choices, anything goes, hiphop, soul, jazz, disco, afro beat… he is like a priest who will humbly make you revisit the bases of the clubbing scriptures, articularly the rare and pointed parts of it!!!  He is a dj in the religious sense of the term, the proof are his performances from Oslo to New York, passing through Bruxelles, playing with major artists such as:  Blaze, Kenny Dope, Kerri Chandler, Alton Miller, Dennis Ferrer, Incognito, Jovonn… Watch out for him : connoisseurs be warned !!! so, let’s simply say : if your love for music is serious, he will make your soul confess on the dance floor.  After his sermon, you will be absolved of your sonic sins.