Shinuh Holt (NYC)

UnknownShiNuh is an Innovative Artist based in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her portfolio includes fashion editorials, music videos, vocal performances, fashion styling, creative directing and more. Realizing how intrigued she was by a multitude of artistic genres led her on a journey from being in front of the camera, to behind-the-scenes, only to reappear in front of the camera with a different objective.

ShiNuh’s craft matured as she evolved. She re-marketed herself as a Singer and Actress using all of her talents towards being an artist. Shinuh was introduced to Blues Music bartending at Nick Ashford's Nuttin But The Blues Open Mic Night, at Ashford & Simpson's Sugar Bar in NYC. Singing for the Open Mic during her shifts opened the opportunity for her to head-line her first show in March 2012. Possessing a sexy,sultry voice with the edginess of a jazz & blues overtone, she learned to cultivate her own sound to compliment her style... Provocative yet Classy.

Such a unique brand of character, vocal abilities with an appearance to match. Talent, creative ingenious, disposition, work-ethic, demeanor and optimistic overview of life, constantly keeps her in high demand and sets her apart from the rest. She is currently writing some original material, with the release of her first single "Marry U", written by: guitarist Johnny Turco. "My first single is a pre-requisite of my music. Marry U is a straight up 12 Bar Blues. My music to come is described as Rhythm & Blues but not Today's R&B."

Shinuh's last tune - MARRY U (Johnny Richard / The Back Alley Players)