Make iT Real (Dakar)

Something from the street

Dakar_2012.224A singer from St Louis, Senegal, he raps to deliver a positive message, for a voluntary and responsible Africa.  From his lips, Wolof sounds like a djembe ensemble…  He owes his involvement with the BLUES’UP project to an act of courage which resulted in him saving the life of a French friend who was living in Dakar in 2007…

Doumbé and Moses Patrou (NYC) wanted to participate in the production of Domou Baye’s first single.  Domou Baye means the “father’s” son in polygamous societies, and it is sometimes difficult to find your place in families where the father isn’t always around.  Make It Real composed this single as an homage to his father…  To express all the respect he carries in his memory.  He is one of the key players of the LIGHT IN SENEGAL project- a communication campaign initiated by BLUES’UP to benefit the 200,000 homeless children in Senegal.

IT AIN’T WORKING : Make It Real invite for their second single with BLUES’UP the Brooklyn-based drummer/singer Moses Patrou on lyrics talking about urban violence and the loss of certain values such as respect…  The riots following the BLUES’UP Festival (May 2011) allowed us to ponder upon the turmoil of a rumbling country.