LIGHT IN SENEGAL – Help us to shine a light on the 200,000 street children in Senegal. Concerts, medical assistance and action to support real solutions…

We know that light shines in the eyes of children - yet today there are 200,000 children living in the streets of Senegal. This drastically large number tells us enough is enough, we can not see more children on the streets. BLUES'UP wants to make their situation a priority! Have we accepted their condition, their despair? Artists have come together to sing and record "Light in Senegal", but the fight has only just begun.

"Light in Senegal" is a charity song written by Pierre Sibille to advocate andsupport organizations as :  EMPIRE DES ENFANTSSPER center, Dakar SAMU SOCIAL, VILLAGE PILOTE, FUTUR AU PRESENT,  YAAKARU GUNUYI, who work to educate, support and to reunite street children with their families.

Actions in collaboration with G ROCK CONSULTING.
"Light in Senegal" shows that music CAN change lives. Artists have given their voices, Senegalese society wants to embrace a new mindset ... 
It is time to act!

October 2013 avant première of Pascal Nazzaro's movie (Natty Brothers)"Something from the Street" at the SUGAR BAR (NYC) VALERIE SIMPSON sings Light in Senegal for the first time live at the SUGAR BAR


  Something from the street (Pascal Nazzaro) de New York à Dakar, l'histoire de Light in Senegal