OUTERNATIONAL RAGGAMUFFIN DEEJAY!!! UPCOMING DEEJAY !!!! UPCOMING DEEJAY !!!! English: Ghost Rider iz a Brand New Raggamuffin deejay/singer comin’ from south of france (La Seyne Sur mer aka La Seynegeless’) and who mek lyrics in jamaican patwa or in french. He Updates digital styles from di eighties adding a new school touch dyed with Hip Hop.. Listen this very carefully !! NUFF RESPECT ALL FOUNDATIONS, VETERANS, ARTISTS, SOUND OWNERS, PRODUCERS…

Born in 1986 and plunged very early into sound and reality, originally from Haiti, Ghost is the raggamuffinman of the 83rd, this deejay who began young in dancehall, created his own path little by little and gathered his tools with sound systems such as  JAHLOVEMUSIK(since 99-2000), NINJASOUND, KOLTCHA SOUND, GHETTO YOUTHS SOUND and was thus able to share vibe-full stages with the sounds of MFC, REDCORNER, DYNAM, CREATION STEPPER,etc.

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