ALF and Half


"Wacky", ALF & half's new album is coming out in the first quarter of 2018. A CD at the same time in the group's groovy artistic continuity, but also oriented towards new experiences. It is presented as the album of maturity with even more accomplished compositions, a nice balance between the songs sung and the instrumental, endowed of a real sound signature: The "Paw" ALF & half.

On the program, always Funky songs and groovy instrumental, but also the discovery of new aesthetics making the link with influences more pop / rock or pulling towards a modern and melodic jazz. The sound of the group is even more assertive and the experience helping, ALF & half assumes full freedom in the composition. The guests are a constant in the group's albums, since the beginning: As often a section of copper enriches some titles with a very neat handwriting, both creative and cheerful. On other pieces, different musicians invited, especially for the contribution of additional voices and complementary guitars.

ALF & half  : Marc ABEL (guitare - chant) Stéphane LE ROY (basse) Frank FARRUGIA (batterie - samples) Invités : Jérôme Buigues (guitares - voix) Gabriel Charrier (trompette - bugle - arrangements) Julian Broudin (sax) Antoine Schmutz (trombone) Sarah Leprevier (voix) Pierre Sibille (clav)